Interactive Scrolli-Telling by Kirti Vardhan Rathore
Guided by Prasanta, Jitesh & Rasagya

Pushkar is a small town in Rajasthan; a 15 min drive from Ajmer. Popularly known as ‘Tirthraj Pushkar' as it houses the only Bramha temple in the world. Pushkar is also known for its annual Camel fair and crazy Holi celebrations.

I have spent around a year and a half in Ajmer and Pushkar was always my go-to place. During my visits there, I have been to the famous Camel Fair, attended concerts by various bands, eaten at numerous cafes, and visited nearly all the temples.

If you are looking for a two-day trip to Pushkar, let me be your guide. Keep scrolling for my recommendations of an ideal day in Pushkar!

To help you out! We have made a schematic map for you, so that you can navigate the town effectively! Keep scrolling...

Welcome to Pushkar! The narrow streets of this town can be a bit overwhelming but don't worry we have got you covered!

Start by washing away your sins in Pushkar Lake, then visit the Bramha Temple, Rang Ji Temple and Guradwara Sahib! Do not forget where Varah Ghat is because that is where the Evening Aarti happens!

Pushkar has some of the best cafes and eatries. Eat the Malpuas (the most famous local delicacy) at Shri Radhe Ji Mishtan Bhandar, eat Israeli Falafel at Ganga's and La Pizzeria serves the best Pizza's in town!

With your tummies full, now is the time to empty your pockets! Support local economy by buying authentic camel leather products (diaries are a must buy)!

It is highly likely that you're visiting Pushkar during Camel Fair, these are three places where all the fun lies!

By the time you are done with all this, its time for a peaceful Sunset! Visit the sunset point and immerse in the experience with folk artists and tourists making some music together!

Finally! You are allowed to crash at any of these budget hotels with best ambience and people staying!

You can download the map for offline saving the image on the left! Thank You for visiting pushkar and letting us help you!